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Don’t Let Your Dryer Start A Fire

Posted on February 16, 2014
by Susana Escamilla




You might have heard several times the saying, “Where there is fire there is smoke.” The smoke may be coming out of a dryer vent. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimate more than 15,000 fires associated with clothes dryers annually. These fires account for more than $100 million in property damage annually. The interior of the dryer and venting system should be cleaned by qualified service personnel. If you notice the time of drying is taking longer than usual the air flow in the system may not be working well and the vent needs to be clean. When you load and before you load, make sure to clean the filters. Every dryer has a lint screen to capture lint . The lint that is capture in the lint screen can easily be cleaned and disposed. However, any lint that is left behind can be trapped in the dryer system. Lint can accumulate in places like the thermostat and near the burner box. Any lint that is not cleaned and also left behind the dryer can ignite.

Who needs their dryer vent cleaned?

  • Commercial laundries
  • Apartments
  • Town homes
  • Single Family Homes
  • Hotels
  • Duplexes
  • Condominiums

If you are not sure if your dryer is working properly or have not maintained and cleaned out the vents and ducts of your dryer contact a professional. Air-tek can help you by cleaning the vents and ducts of your dryers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more tips on fire safety and of our services.

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