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Dirty Air Ducts can be a Fire Hazard

Posted on April 30, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Dirty air ducts can be a fire hazard. A commercial building located in Orange County unfortunately had a fire happen in their location. Yesterday there was an explosion in the city of La Habra. Unfortunately there were employees that were injured in this incident. Many thought that the explosion was caused by chemicals or other hazardous components. However, once it was investigated, the fire began and the explosion sparked from the air conditioning ducts.Any residue, dust and other components can spark a fire.

Over time, all the dust, dirt and other materials that build up can cause an ignition. Possible lint might have also build up over time and lint is also a very dangerous material if exposed to heat. As a result, not only does it cause property damage but other can critically get hurt people. It is important for companies to maintain and perform a regular routine of cleaning the air ducts. Hiring a professional to inspect and clean the air ducts is important to prevent any fire hazard.As a member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, and in accordance with the National Fire Prevention Association, AirTek keeps your commercial facility in compliance with national health and safety standards. Keeping your employee and customer areas safe from fire hazards is our top priority.Contact us so that we may be of assistance and help you and your employees be in a safe environment.

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