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Different Sources Contaminate The Indoor Air You Breathe

Posted on August 26, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

There are many factors that contribute to bad indoor air quality. We’ve blogged about ways to improve the indoor air quality in enclosed areas. Poor indoor air quality in commercial buildings results in employees calling sick, having allergy symptoms and not being productive. In order to know if the air inside buildings are in good condition and have no health risk factors, California has Indoor Air regulations that need to be followed. However, before any indoor air is tested commercial property owners need to know the many sources that causes contamination inside the air they breathe. At AIRTEK we are concerned about the well being of the air you breathe inside. As we see below in the graph, one of the areas that can contaminate the indoor air is the HVAC system. AIRTEK is a leading provider of commercial industrial HVAC system cleaning. In order to decrease air contamination inside a building ventilation is the proper way to restore clean air inside a building. If you are concerned about the air your employees are breathing visit our WEBSITE and like our Facebook Community Page to learn more about improving indoor air quality.

*Below is a graph provided by green environmental.

HVAC System

General Household

Building Remodeling

Emissions from nearby sources

Dust or dirt in ductwork or other components Smoking, cooking, and cleaning; carbon monoxide Microbiologicals released from demolition or remodeling activities Vehicle and factory exhaust
Microbiological growth in condenser drain pans, humidifiers, ductwork, coils Volatile organic compounds from use of paint, caulk, adhesives, and other products Crawl space dust and debris released from demolition or remodeling activities Dumpster odors
Improper venting Microbial growth from soiled or water damaged areas Contaminated HVAC systems, molded coils and ductwork Fires

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