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Cross State Air Pollution Rule

Posted on May 05, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



Image Source: EDF

The Environmental Defense Fund recently announced that the Supreme Court upheld the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. This rule will protect up to 240 million individuals who live in the United States from dangerous pollution. The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule is a clean air program that was designed to reduce harmful pollution from power plants. The pollution that comes from power plants can drift into communities and can affect the health of many individuals. The main concern is that communities are being exposed to dangerous levels of pollution every day.Once the rule is active, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, it can save up to 34,000 lives per year and provide $110 to $280 billion per year in net health benefits.

The Clean Air Act also has a branch called, “good neighbor” an regulates states to prohibit emissions that can spread unhealthy air pollution to neighboring states. If states do not comply with the act then the EPA, has to step in. More and more individuals will be breathing the pollution that is coming from neighboring states and that becomes a wide concern not only in one community but a concern to an entire state. Although, there were some conflicts with this case, it was overruled. The standard will be protect Americans across 28 Eastern states. The rule would reduce the sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen pollution emitted from coal fire power plants across those 28 eastern states. With the decision that the Supreme Court recently made, the EPA can now put the Cross-State Air Pollution into effect.

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