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Containment Barriers Reduce Infection Risks

Posted on August 23, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

*(photo source: Google Images)

Dust is a topic that many in the industry are talking about. More and more individuals are being cautious about indoor air pollution. Working in and around any healthcare environment increases the possibility of the air to be contaminated quickly. When there are healthcare facilities being under construction or renovation, during that process there can be dirt, contaminants and particles that can pollute the air. The air is no longer healthy and the air can facilitate to other parts of the healthcare facility and cause symptoms of eye irritation and irritation on the throat and lungs. In a location such as a healthcare facility, the control of containing any particles present in the air is severe because there might be patients who might be allergic to dust and cause a severe reaction. In addition, employees and staff working at any healthcare facility can also have allergic reactions for they also can be exposed. The well being of the patient and employees are important during any renovation.

In order for the area to be protected containment barriers are used. You might have seen them in several renovation projects or in buildings. The use of containment barriers will allow your employers and the environment around them to be safe. Containment barriers reduce airborne infection risks related to construction. An example of guidelines that need to be followed when a company is hired and contractor’s work together in a hospital can be read here. It is an extensive list of guidelines that need to be measured while working in any healthcare facility. At AIRTEK we understand the guidelines that need to be meant while doing any renovation or construction project in any health care facility. Our team works closely with facility management to develop control and safety strategies to ensure everyone is safe and protected. To learn more about the infectious control we provide visit our WEBSITE.


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