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Clear the Air for the Winter

Posted on November 18, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


It is beginning to get chilly throughout this month and we begin to turn on our heating systems. However, mold and allergens can get trapped in the vents over the summer. Right now is one of the best times to service your system if you haven’t so. According to the Air Duct Cleaners Association, the average household collects 40 pounds of dirt, dust and allergens in its air ducts each year. ¬†Over time the build up of mold, dust and debris can affect your health and your wallet. The system does not work the same when the system has not been maintained regularly and even worse the air travels through your house contaminating your air. Your system in addition works harder to maintain the air circulating throughout the home.


  • Replace filter every month for optimal efficiency.
  • Update your thermostat so you can program it when to automatically be turned on and off.
  • Inspect your system for any cracks, dents or disconnected parts.
  • Make sure the HVAC contractor checks your system’s belts, motors, gas pressure, and motor.

These simple steps can help you prep your system for the winter. Proper maintenance and inspection is the best way to keep your HVAC system working at it’s best. Your HVAC contractor can further give you additional tips on how to help you save money and keep your environment comfortable this winter.Hiring a professional to assist you in maintaining your HVAC system will follows strict procedures to clean your system and also understands the importance of a healthy environment.¬†AirTek technicians are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association and have over 25 years of experience in making homes safer, cleaner and better for your breathing.

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