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Cleaner Environments in Colleges

Posted on October 25, 2013
by Susana Escamilla


Throughout this week, we have been blogging about how many particles, pollutants and chemical elements like lead can affect your health and the air quality in your environment. Throughout these past months we have also been hearing in the news more and more schools are being closed temporarily because mold was found or the air quality in the schools is not healthy for students. Several universities and colleges have ban smoking to create a healthier environment for students and staff. Another great way that universities can improve the air quality inside their classrooms and other student facility buildings is to clean their air duct system. Once the holidays come to place, students will no longer be at school and it is an opportunity to make a plan to inspect the air ducts and overall maintain vent and air duct cleanliness for the entire campus. If there are students or faculty complaining about illness, irritation or bad odors it is time to inspect your air duct system. Maintaining the air duct system, can help moisture from accumulating inside classrooms and can even help reduce mold from building up. Students who are more sensitive then others can feel comfortable inside their classrooms and students who have asthma or other respiratory problems will also help them feel comfortable inside any school building.Studies also show that a cleaner environment, will increase productivity in students.

Once universities have decided to schedule a plan to clean the air duct system, according to the American Federation of Teachers, universities and colleges should adopt the “Best Practice Policies.” The organization states, “Locals have urged colleges to adopt best practices to protect occupants from poor environmental quality including routine maintenance of buildings, renovation standards, mold mitigation and integrated pest management.” At AirTek we have provided schools and colleges indoor air solutions to provide a cleaner environment for their students and staff. Our experienced and certified technicians will ensure your school’s air ducts, coils, vents and other equipment meet national health and safety standards.


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