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California Wildfire Season and Indoor Air Quality

Posted on September 03, 2020
by Vinay Panday

California’s wildfire season last several months, roughly August through November. This year, Northern California has been hit particularly hard, with several fires still burning and firefighters working tirelessly to contain them. Air quality during a wildfire poses health risks due to the smoky and ashy conditions as the wildfire burns, but also because of the windy conditions afterwards.

It is best to minimize outdoor activities and to keep windows and doors closed while indoors. Fine particles in the air can even build up indoors, particularly when there is heavy smoke for an extended period. To combat this, you can use charcoal air filters to remove smoke, odors and other particulates to maintain the indoor air quality. When there is extended exposure, like those found during large or prolonged fires, it is also important to check and replace filters more often.

Air scrubbers with charcoal filters can also be used to improve indoor air quality by filtering out smoke, odors and other particulates from the air in an enclosed space and prevent them from escaping into other parts of the building. They can also be used as air scrubbers to filter and recirculate air within a space or attached to ductwork to exhaust contaminated air out of a building.

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