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Billboard Improves Air Quality

Posted on June 10, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse


Billboards are great advertising. You can’t forget about the latest movie release here in Los Angeles or the Crystal Caves in the Midwest. They can be fun and creative or eyesores. But a billboard recently erected in Peru has a greater purpose–it improves the air quality!

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru is building a new campus and causing a lot of air pollution in the process. Last year, they put up a billboard that converted moisture in the air in into drinkable water during a drought in Lima. This year’s idea is even more innovative.

How does it work? “The new billboard’s structure includes purifying filters that release oxygen into the air ‘as effectively as 1,200 trees.'” Good News Network

And UTEC is not alone. The University of Sheffield in the UK, in collaboration with poet Simon Armitage, have put up a billboard coated with nanoparticles that absorb as much air pollution as that emitted by 20 cars daily.

Just think how much better our air quality would be if every billboard, every mural, every poster were not just advertising but also cleansing the air of contaminants? We’d never have another SigAlert in Los Angeles again!

Simon Armitage’s poem ends thus: “My first word, everyone’s  first word, was air.” Without clean air, nothing else is possible.

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