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Better Air Quality Can Reduce Negative Health Outcomes

Posted on September 30, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Every morning I really enjoy reading the latest news on the industry or on air quality. Today one of the topics that really intrigued me was from We all want to breathe clean air to reduce any negative health outcomes. Recently, New York City has had the cleanest air in decades.The Community Air service was able to measure the air quality in New York and was able to find great results. Some of those findings were a lower percent in sulfur dioxide has increased in the air. In addition, soot pollution has also gone done. Other factors that have contributed to a cleaner NYC air, is banning smoking areas, switching over to cleaner burning natural gas, and also switching to lower pollution heating oils. According to, the purpose of “The Community Air Service” is designed to provide financial assistance to small communities to help them enhance their air service. Projects should focus on enhancements that will be responsive to a community’s air transportation needs and whose benefits can be expected to continue after the initial expenditures.

Any decrease in pollution helps not only the entire city but the members of the communities. Seeing the positive outcomes of having a cleaner and breathable environment, make others aware of the importance of air quality. We can help decrease pollution by education ourselves on what causes pollution in the air we breathe. Knowing those factors can help heavily populated cities like Los Angeles, reach lower levels of pollution. Knowing the importance of air quality outside help us establish a better way of improving the indoor air quality in our homes and in the buildings we work in. Learning the health implications and health effects of air quality can help us reduce the air quality indoors and in the end increase the overall quality of life we want to live in.Maintaining the air quality indoors by maintaining the HVAC system in our homes and in any commercial building can improve ventilation, hence a less polluted inside environment. At AirTek, we focus on achieving a cleaner, healthier, and more energy efficient environment. Visit our main website to learn more of the services we can provide for you and your company. Like our Facebook Community Page and be part of the conversation via our Twitter page.

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