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Bacteria in Ventilation Systems

Posted on April 18, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Cleanliness in the air duct system should be the top priority for a homeowner because you do not want to be breathing in any components that may form in the system. Dust and mold can be present and you may not realize it. Another component that can also be found in the ventilation system that you may not know or even see is bacteria. Yes bacteria can be found in the ventilation system when it is dry but primarily when bacteria is form when water is present in the air ducts or drip bans then this type of bacteria that is form can become a problem. According to an article by Indoor Environment Connections, when the bacteria is form it not only becomes a pathogen but also can be a endotoxins that can cause respiratory and ocular irritation, and can exacerbate asthma. The article also talks about how the bacteria might cause aerosolization. In addition the article also these actions are caused by three actions:

  • Drips impacting wet surfaces
  • Sharp changes in airflow direction that lead to impactions on wet surfaces (which would also cause splashing)
  • Any sharp movements of the ductwork

The bacteria colonies that can be form in your ventilation system can contaminate your air system and must be not only cleaned but disinfected. Whether the ventilation system in your home or commercial property needs maintenance we recommend a professional assist you in cleaning your air duct system. At AirTek, we have the experience to handle the complex system requirements and regulations that are unique to large facilities. Replenishing your environment with clean air is our top priority.

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