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Asthma Proof Your Home

Posted on May 12, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

According to the United States Environmental Protection, 1 in 10 kids has asthma.You can asthma proof your home by knowing what can trigger asthma attacks.This year for Asthma Awareness Month, the goal is to educate and share information with others to create a healthier and safer environments for those who have asthma and to prevent any discomfort for individuals. Asthma is a serious respiratory life threatening disease and to help control it should start in your home.  There are common indoor air quality pollutants that can trigger asthma or make asthma worse. Some things that can trigger asthma that can be found in your home is mold, dust mites, wood smoke and chemical irritants. Some ways to asthma proof your home and it can also help the indoor air quality in your environment is to:

  • Maintain your air conditioning system clean.
  • Use allergen proof fabric covers for your bedding.
  • Replace dust-collecting blinds and long drapes with window shades or washable curtains.
  • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Replace wall to wall carpet or vacuum carpet weekly.

The video below also identifies common indoor air quality pollutants that can affect both asthma and the indoor air quality. At AIRTEK, we have been creating healthier, cleaner and more energy efficiently indoor environments.If you need assistance in improving your indoor air quality that can help your indoor environment to prevent and control asthma triggers, mold growth and improve the air quality you may contact us and we may be of assistance.

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