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AirTek’s Newest Equipment

Posted on February 12, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse

AirTek has invested in new, state-of-the-art equipment to better service its clients with microbial and insect and contamination concerns.

Our latest acquisition is a standalone vehicle capable of treating up to 2,000-square feet at a time–the equivalent of four apartments–and will enable Alliance to run the equipment independent of the building. This truck not only transports the equipment to the jobsite but also includes an on-board generator capable of powering the equipment used.

“Most of the equipment was utilized in the Southern California market, but client needs in San Francisco, where the buildings are older and the logistics of working within the city can be challenging, required us to expand our equipment and services to more efficiently and effectively meet client demands.” said Joseph McLean, Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Environmental.

Alliance initially invested in a significant number of direct-fired heaters as well as a hydronic heating trailer (seen in this blog), which successfully apply heat, move air and monitor and record temperatures on projects which can require constant heat over multiple days. And now, with more than seven years of experience in thermal remediation and 12 trained technicians, Alliance can consistently utilize a variety of equipment to best serve the needs of its clients throughout California.

Alliance currently has equipment stationed in San Diego, Azusa, Moorpark and Santa Clara. In Southern California the equipment includes 30 direct-fired heaters, a 500,000 btu makeup heater, a 1.2 million BTU Hydronic heater, 10 – 24,000 btu electric heaters, 30 -15,000 btu electric heaters, and 5 trucks with 8 trained heat technicians. In Northern California we have 14 direct-fired heaters, 8 – 24,000 btu electric heaters, 6 – 15,000 btu electric heaters, 3 trucks and 4 trained technicians.

If you need thermal remediation to treat pests or structural contamination or perform structural drying, contact AirTek and our trained technicians and their state-of-the-art equipment will be there to help!

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