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Airtek – Case Study February 2021

Posted on May 19, 2021
by Vinay Panday

Air duct systems, in any building, provide a very important function as they serve as the “lungs” of the building – taking air in and releasing air out. The circulation of air through the heating and cooling system
is what allows for consistent interior comfort, regardless of the season. The same air that is being circulated through the system is the same air being breathed in, thus why it is important to keep the system as clean as possible.

Recently, one of our premier commercial construction clients was performing a full renovation project on the top floor of a 12-story building, in the San Diego area. Recognizing that indoor air quality is an important element in completing the project and providing the space with the best air quality possible, they reached out to our team at Airtek Indoor Air Solutions to perform a full air system cleaning.

With state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel, Airtek was able to complete the cleaning within two days. Steps were taken to ensure the protection of existing office furniture and supplies by properly setting up containment in every workspace. Airtek was able to clean the entire system by breaking it down in segments – starting from one end of the building and finishing on the opposite side. To ensure the comprehensive clean of the system, access points were created and later properly sealed at completion.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with our client to perform the job to their expectation while in alignment with NADCA standards. After the completion of the full system clean, the client was confident the system would operate at its peak performance, providing the best indoor air quality for future occupants.

Routine maintenance of HVAC and air duct systems is recommended to keep them running efficiently and improve indoor air quality. A clean HVAC system can even reduce energy consumption. Commercial or residential, Airtek help. Airtek’s highly trained and certified professionals have the experience to assess, clean, and restore these systems.

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