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Air Quality in a Healthcare Facility

Posted on August 05, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

We always hear from our doctors that it is important to have a regular checkup for our health. Caring for the well being and health of patients and employees in any healthcare facility is important because it can help one be aware of healthcare-associated infections that can be present in the building. Healthcare facilities and buildings need their regular check up as well. Healthcare-associated infections are infections that patients can get while receiving treatment. One of the issues that increases the risk of HAIs are contaminated air conditioning systems. {Below is an infographic with more information on HAIs}

The air may be filtered through the HVAC system but the air might not be really clean because the air conditioning system may not be clean. Infection control and cross contamination is a big concern for healthcare facilities. For instance there might be patients who already might be suffering symptoms of respiratory illness, nose and eye irritation, and headaches. It could be hard for those patients to feel comfortable in an environment where it is hard to breathe properly. Cases like those are important to maintain the ducts clean regularly at a hospital. Another fact that contributes to the ducts being dirty are the linen sheets used in hospitals. They generate lots of material that get stuck in the air ducts. At Air-tek we are able to give a regular check up to any healthcare building to ensure that any HVAC system is regularly clean and can provide a healthy environment for the employees, patients and family of the patients. Contact us to receive more information on duct cleaning for healthcare facilities here. To learn more about upcoming news about air quality like our Facebook Community Page.






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