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Air Quality Control in Hospitals

Posted on March 07, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


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I was reading an article in ECO Building Pulse website and the article was about air quality control in hospitals. The design of hospitals have improved drastically in the past years. More and more individuals are aware of the negative effects of poor indoor air quality.The article talks about how hospitals previously how to increase the air change rates. However, know that mentality has shifted, and the main concern is to improve the air quality in hospitals. Since, energy has also been a concern in hospitals, balancing the air quality and controlling pollutant sources is key in improving the indoor air quality in hospitals. Infection control and the concern of improving indoor air quality in hospitals is a great step in educating hospital staff on the importance of air quality control. Nevertheless,there could be products that can be an indoor pollutant source and may contain levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Having infection control coordinators and a indoor air quality management plan in hospitals can create a healthier environment for patients. A great phrase from the article and an important thing to keep in mind when helping hospitals maintain their indoor air quality as stated in the article is, “Through waste and IAQ initiatives, hospital leaders and designers demonstrate a commitment to more than high-quality patient care—they demonstrate a commitment to saving lives and improving health without undermining ecosystems or diminishing the world.” At AirTek we understand the importance of the health of everyone working in the healthcare industry. The company can provide a complete solution to indoor air quality. Contact us to learn more about the complete healthcare services that AirTek can provide for any healthcare facility.

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