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Air Pollution’s Many Effects

Posted on October 10, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse

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On Tuesday, we wrote about The Problem with Bees–successful pollination is essential to the continuation of the human species, at least according to Albert Einstein. But hampering bees’ ability to smell flowers isn’t the only unseen effect of air pollution in our environment:

Air Pollution contributes to increased risk of heart attack and heart failure. With all of us individually trying to reduce our own risk of heart disease, this one needs to be a societal change.

Expectant mothers, too, are trying to limit risks to their unborn babies and air pollution and prenatal exposure to air pollution and stress has been shown to affect child behavior.

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory here in Southern California has found that the air pollution caused by cooking on a gas stove can damage your indoor air so much that it would not meet outdoor air pollution standards.

Carbon Monoxide could be considered “a loaded gun” held against your health. This colorless, odorless gas is a killer.

Heating Oil Leaks can damage your indoor air and the State of Pennsylvania is encouraging all of us to inspect heating oil tanks before refilling them for the winter heating season. Oil can also contaminate the groundwater.

Whether indoor air pollution from gas stoves, cleaning products, air fresheners or radon, or outdoor pollution from diesel vehicles or industrial sources, AirTek is concerned about what you are breathing. Keep your ventilation system clean and working well by maintaining your ducts and exhaust systems!

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