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Air Pollution Challenges in the News

Posted on August 01, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse


It’s hot out there so we’re staying in the air conditioning and reading about the outside air more than we are breathing it, at least until the evening. But then again, maybe the air in here isn’t so great! Here are some interesting stories we have come across:

In the Tennesseean, we read about Bonnie Hinds of the University of Tennessee’s presentation about indoor air quality last week. Ms. Hinds told the audience that anything with a scent is adding unnecessary chemicals to your indoor environment and we agree! Asthma, Allergies linked to Indoor Air Quality

We’ll have to Tweet these, too, but here are 16 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution Any of these in your indoor environment? Yikes, we have 6!

A Wet Spring and Hot Summer are making it easier for mold and bacteria to breed and grow. Yuck! Now is not the time to neglect maintenance of your air conditioning, ventilation or water systems!

Did you know…Air Pollution kills 2 million people worldwide every year? CNN does.

Even Low Levels of air pollution can cause lung cancer and raise your risk for appendicitis! Who knew!

We’ve written about how great houseplants are for cleaning your indoor air. Here are the best houseplants for your apartment, especially if you have a “black thumb.”

Seriously, though, summer is over half over. Get outside and have some fun!

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