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Air Monitoring in Southern California

Posted on November 01, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

LA Smog

Happy 1st day of November. While reading my daily news I came upon an interesting article from the Los Angeles Times on a different project that will happen next year in Southern California than can inform many families and communities on the air quality around their surrounding environments. Air quality regulators will be placing monitors around neighborhoods that are close to freeways. Air pollution in Los Angeles is caused by several factors and of those, are the exhaust fumes and fine particles that can be found on a freeway. According to the article, individuals who live near by freeways are at greater risk of having asthma and other respiratory complications. In fact, USC has done previous studies in the past years and the negative health effects from air pollution has been known for years and nothing has been done to monitor the air quality from freeways until now. It’s a big concern for parents who live near by freeways and also for neighboring commercial property.

Pollutants form cars can drift about a mile away from the freeway. In almost every freeway exit there are nearby shopping centers, grocery stores, movie theaters and other environments that we go out for fun with our families. Not only are communities who live near freeways may get affected but everyone else who visits and works around any property near freeways. It is important to maintain the HVAC system in order for the air distribution to work property. This is a great action that the state is taking in order to have information on the air quality around communities who are near freeways. If you have any concerns about the air quality in your indoor air quality we can offer a variety of indoor air solutions. Follow our Facebook Community Page and join our conversation via Twitter to up to date with the latest news on the industry.

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