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A Bad Duct System Can Decrease Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on March 14, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



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I recently went to a retail store and a representative asked if I was a homeowner.My response, not yet but soon. Those seeking for a new home always need to be on a look out for things that may not look right or smell right when searching for a home. When looking through homes, pay attention or ask your realtor about the duct system. You do not want to invest in a home and the duct system is poorly taken care of. Ducts that are not structured correctly or hang down loose will slow the air flow down and water droplets or condensation in the ducts and outside of the ducts as well. It is important to keep the ducts leveled. You do not want to have a duct that is detached and ends for example in a crawlspace. Animals can get in the ducts and bad air can be distributed in a home.

Unbalance duct leakage causes negative pressure. That being said, there might be air that may be coming for example from the attic or a crawlspace. This can hurt the indoor air quality in your home. The last thing to be aware of what can be considered a bad duct system is mold. Ducts that are leaking can cause poor humidity levels in your home. When there is an accumulation of water, that can lead to mold. When mold grows in a duct system, mold is able to grow and reproduce by having moisture and a food source. The food source can be dust that goes through a filter. Once mold begins to grow, live molds can begin to spread spores. The air duct system might not be on the checklist when looking for a home but it is important to keep in mind that the indoor air quality is important to feel comfortable in your home. 

*If you have mold or your HVAC system is not working to properly ventilate your environment, Air-Tek can be of assistance and provide you indoor air quality services. You may contact your local Air-Tek office for more information.




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