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6 Myths about Radon

Posted on January 13, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

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We are in the middle of January and this month is also important for the Indoor Air Quality Industry(IAQ) because it is National Radon Action Month. We introduced this topic on our blog last week. You may read the blog post written by Wendy here. Exposing the affects and dangers of radon is important for the public to understand to create a bigger impact for the well being of those who may be exposed to radon. Do you know the 6 myths about radon? Radon can be preventable and we will be discussing some myths and sharing several facts provided by the Healthy Indoors Magazine.

1st Myth: Scientists are not sure radon is the problem

Fact: According to the article, some scientists debate the number of deaths caused by radon. However, thousands of individuals get lung cancer that could have been prevented.

2nd Myth:Radon testing is difficult

Fact: Radon can be detected by simply testing your home. A qualified radon test company may test your home or you may do it yourself without any effort.

3rd Myth: Homes with radon can’t be fixed.

Fact:Not true. There are several qualified mitigation contractors that can help fix your home and the costs are estimated the same as other home repairs.Your state radon office can give you further information.

4th Myth:Radon only effects certain types of homes

Fact:All homes can be affected by radon. Old homes, new homes or homes with basements and no basements can test positive on radon. How the home was built can also contribute in finding a home test positive on radon.

5th Myth:Radon is only a problem in several parts of the country.

Fact:Every state is different. High levels of radon have been tested in every state. To be 100%, test your home for any level of radon.

6th Myth:If your neighbor receives a good result then your home may also get a positive result.

Fact:Not true. Radon levels can vary from homes. Your neighbor may have a positive result, but your home may have high levels of radon.

For this month of January, we can take action by sharing with our friends and family the danger of radon and how it can be preventable. At Air-tek we are creating cleaner,healthier, and more energy-efficient environments. If you need any assistance with indoor air quality services that may include air duct cleaning, kitchen hood cleaning,fire stopping services, and indoor air quality management you may contact your local Air-tek office closest to you.

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