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5 Indicators It’s Time for HVAC Cleaning

Posted on April 14, 2015
by Wendy Stackhouse

HVAC cleaning should be a regular part of home maintenance to help keep the dwelling safe and to maintain the integrity of the system. Whether you’re a homeowner wondering how to tell when it’s time to call an HVAC professional, or you’re a new to the industry and you want to provide exceptional service by making the most accurate recommendations to your customers, here are five questions you can ask that will help you identify when it’s time for an HVAC cleaning.

Are you constantly dusting?

Over time, an HVAC system will collect dust and debris, and if not properly maintained on a regular basis, that dust negatively affect the ventilation system. This is easily noticeable in several ways:

  • the vents will spew out excessive debris or cobwebs when the blowers are turned on
  • an accumulation of particles will circulate through the system.
  • you’ll notice that you are having to dust more frequently than normal
  • there are more cobwebs or hanging dust clouds building up, especially where the vents are located

Do you hear critters crawling around?

Any type of animal or insect pest is a sure sign of a HVAC cleaning that is long overdue. The lack of maintenance allows for the bugs or rodents to find ways to get in through vents and air ducts that have deteriorated over time.

The more time that goes by without HVAC cleaning or upkeep, the more likely the problem will escalate. Your air quality is compromised when the system is infested and these pests can cause holes or leaks that are costly to repair.

Have you noticed any mold growth?

HVAC systems are the perfect breeding ground for mold and even though it is inevitable, if you have regular HVAC cleanings, it can be controlled. If you are noticing mold growth, your local HVAC cleaning company should be your next call.

Mold is not only a poor variable when it comes to air quality, it will continue to grow until it is removed. If the mold spreads, this is a sign of moisture collecting without proper ventilation. This could also be the result of air duct problems causing a buildup of condensation.

Mold is the most serious of all indicators that it’s time to schedule a HVAC cleaning and should be dealt with immediately.

Are you seeing any moisture damage?

Moisture damage only means one thing…leaks. There is always natural moisture that will condense, however once that moisture starts collecting in the wrong area, it typically indicate there is a problem with water or moisture constantly leaking, dripping, or draining.

Damaged or failing equipment can sometimes cause excess in condensation as well as non-proper defrosting which results in overspill. Leaking could be as simple as collection pan corrosion.

Moisture damage is expensive and can quickly lead to mold problems. Neither issues are to be taken lightly.

Is there a change in air quality in the dwelling?

Have you noticed any new allergy symptoms? Are your eyes watering excessively? Are you sneezing more often than normal? Or perhaps just suddenly having symptoms of unnatural breathing? These are all important indicators that it is time for your HVAC system to undergo a professional and comprehensive cleaning.

Without proper maintenance, the buildup of dust and air pollutants in your system will continue to circulate and further cause problems with poor air quality. Since air contaminants are not able to be properly flushed out, it can cause a low air exchange rate, further leading to compromised issues with air quality.

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