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4 Components of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Posted on March 05, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


When I started learning about kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, I always tend to see how clean the kitchen is of a restaurant. If I go to a restaurant, I always take a peak to see how clean the kitchen hood is. So far, every restaurant I have gone they are clean. When you learn different areas of the IAQ industry you tend to apply it to your daily life. When a restaurant ask for a kitchen hood cleaning there are four components that are important to complete the kitchen hood cleaning and have a successful clean kitchen. When grease accumulates, different components are affected. The first component is the fan. Grease accumulates in the fan and can The build up of grease can off balance the fan, making the motors life to decrease. Over time it can be costly if not cleaned. The second component are the filters. Depending on how many people are visiting your restaurant or the volume of customers you receive, changing your filter three to six months is recommended. The filters work in conjunction with the duct work. The third component is the duct work. The ducts of a kitchen in a restaurant may have accumulated grease for months and years that have not been cleaned.

It is important to clean every section of the ducts. Any grease that is left accumulating can be dangerous. The ducts may be coated with fuel that can cause a fire. The fact is, most restaurant fires happen because an accumulation of grease or because of poor maintenance in the kitchen. Kitchen fires can be preventable. The last important component is the hood. Cleaning and degreasing all hood parts and accessories and replacing is necessary. The hood acts as a gathering center. When cooking, any rising heat, gas, or fuel from cooking appliances will go to the hood. The exhaust hood needs to be cleaned and degreased to also prevent an ignition from happening. At AirTek, one of our services is Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for commercial property buildings and we also have the service of Kitchen Hood Cleaning for the residential division. We are in compliance with national health and safety standards when operating any service.

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