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3 Cases Where Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Posted on September 19, 2017
by Melissa Asplund

If you are concerned about pollution and allergens, you may be considering an air duct cleaning for your HVAC system. We have put together three tips for knowing when to call a professional for this service:

1. Mold – The ductwork in your home or building is contaminated with mold spores. This might be difficult to determine since the ducting system in inside the walls. If you feel there might be a mold smell lingering in the air, you can call a professional to take a moisture reading to determine if there might be mold present.

2. Pest Infestation – It is extremely important to check your ductwork for any potential insect or rodent infestation. These pests can carry dangerous diseases that may be spread through the air. If there are any signs of rodent or bird droppings, have your ducts cleaned immediately.

3. Debris Buildup – A common reason to have your air ducts cleaned is due to excessive dust and debris. It is common for some dust to be left behind, however, be sure to keep up with general housekeeping such as changing your air filters to help. If there is a plethora of dust around your register vents, it is likely that the inside walls of the ducts are also lined with more debris. This debris can lead to asthma and allergy issues for those who are sensitive.

A professional air duct cleaning will assist in keeping the air flow fresh and clear of contaminants. It will also help your system work properly. The HVAC system is the lungs of any building. Be sure to take care of them in order to prevent potential health dangers. For a free quote of a professional air duct cleaning, call Airtek Indoor Air Solutions at 1-877-858-6213 today.

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