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AirTek is an industry leader in commercial air quality solutions focused on achieving a cleaner, healthier and more energy-efficient indoor environment.

We’ve been defining the industry for over two decades with a highly qualified staff that is licensed, certified and dedicated to meeting your needs with trained expertise and professionalism. Our Technicians utilize the latest tools and techniques to provide you with the optimal air system cleaning for your better health.

We carefully inspect the property and provide a rational approach and proportionate cleaning recommendations to each project, providing a fair estimate without the “Bait-and-Switch” tactics used by other companies.

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Safer, cleaner air quality solutions for all.

Airtek has extensive experience in providing complete air system cleaning for both residential and commercial properties, facilities including hospitals, commercial buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, and marine air systems. We have the tools, techniques and experienced staff to improve your indoor air quality, help you breathe easy and maintain a healthy environment.

AirTek has successfully completed over <br><span>95,000</span> duct cleaning projects throughout California.

AirTek has successfully completed over
95,000 duct cleaning projects throughout California.

Choose an experienced company.

Air Isometric Home

Don’t trust your property to just anyone.

Our experience, expertise, and accountability are the reasons we’re trusted by some of the region’s best-known companies.


We’re qualified to get the job done.

With 24 years of experience, AirTek technicians are certified to ensure your air ducts, coils, vents and other equipment meet national health and safety standards.

AirTek Services Provide Safer, Cleaner, Better Air-Quality.

Nothing is as important - or taken for granted - as the air we breathe.

That is, until it makes us sick. Just by the nature of their design and purpose, HVAC systems are a known collection source for contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and very small particles of dust, all of which have the potential to affect your health.

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