Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you find that your clothes are still wet or too hot when they come out of the dryer? Have your energy bills been higher than normal? Chances are your dryer vent is blocked.

AirTek can help save you money on energy bills and reduce drying times. Not to mention that clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of residential fires in the United States.

Protect your family and prolong the life of your dryer — call AirTek today for dryer vent cleaning, vent issues, and more. We work with both single and multi-family dwellings.


We follow the NADCA’s Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEDP) Standard to test the performance of your dryer exhaust duct system after servicing to provide a quantifiable testing method for performance validation.

A clean, unobstructed dryer exhaust duct system improves the operating efficiency of your home dryer. As the dryer duct becomes obstructed with collected lint, drying time increases and the dryer can overheat, increasing energy consumption. In extreme cases, a blocked dryer exhaust duct can result in a fire.

Don’t get taken by “blow-and-go” service providers that provide inferior work at discounted rates.