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The Hidden Dangers of Soot

According to Cal Fire, the devastating fires in Northern California burned more than 245,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 8,800 structures, and killed 42 people. Unfortunately, the restoration process has just begun and will be a long journey back to normality. While most people are aware of the steps that need to be taken towards rehabilitation of the community, it is common to overlook an extremely important factor: the dangers of soot.
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Air Duct Cleaning in Grow Houses

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a building is wasted. Contaminants in the air ducts can cause it to operate harder and shorten the life of the HVAC system. Although filters are used, the heating and cooling system can still be susceptible to contaminants through normal use.
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Happy Healthcare Engineer’s Week!

Happy Healthcare Engineer’s Week to all healthcare professionals! In honor of this year’s Healthcare Engineer Week, we interviewed our Healthcare Department professional, Alan Inbody.

1. What is Healthcare Engineer’s Week?
National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week, is observed annually during the fourth week in October, and is sponsored by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association. This is when we would like to recognize the Facilities and Engineering Department and staff for the important role they play in keeping the hospital safe and operational.
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The Importance of Air Balancing in Grow Houses

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions collaborates with MSE Environmental Regional Manager, Erik Lundgaard to Discuss:


Many residential and commercial forced air duct systems are typically not properly engineered or balanced to distribute air where it is needed; causing some rooms and/or spaces to become too hot or too cold. Airflow balancing systematically moves air around to increase comfort level for its occupants, plants, and to increase a HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) system’s efficiency.
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3 Cases Where Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

If you are concerned about pollution and allergens, you may be considering an air duct cleaning for your HVAC system. We have put together three tips for knowing when to call a professional for this service:
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AirTek Museum Duct Cleaning Case Study

Museum Duct Cleaning Case Study

Air duct cleaning is not just about cleaning.  Ensuring that proper care is taken to protect articles in the room and surrounding areas is vital to a successful air duct-cleaning job.  Recently, Airtek Indoor Air Solutions performed an extremely sensitive duct cleaning operation at a museum, including two storage rooms where rare and antique artwork is preserved. The Airtek team had to efficiently clean the air ducts without contaminating the artwork.   Continue reading

HVAC Hygiene

The heating ventilation and air conditioning system is the lungs of any building. It helps pumps air flow in and out of the area for you to breathe. As you can imagine, it is important to keep proper HVAC hygiene in order to promote good health. Removing the ductwork of any mold, debris, or contaminants can be the difference between proper indoor air quality and health dangers. Continue reading

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

You probably have heard the term air duct cleaning and are often seeing advertisements for this service – but do you truly know what an air duct cleaning entails?

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system consists of many different components: supply and return ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, fan motors, and the air handler unit. Any one of these components can become contaminated if not properly maintained. Common contaminants include pollen, dust, pet dander, and moisture can lead to mold growth within the system. If you are looking to get your HVAC system cleaned, it is important to confirm with the air duct cleaning company that they will be cleaning all of the above listed components. If a company only cleans part of the system, risk of re contamination is present. It is also important to make sure the duct cleaning company is certified and licensed to perform such work.
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How to Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams

Have you ever heard the expressions “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” This is a common case scenario in the air duct cleaning world. There are many companies that advertise an extremely low rate of $49.99 or $99.99 to clean up to 16 vents in a home or building. Unfortunately, these are often scams. A proper air duct cleaning requires more man power and time to effectively and completely clean all the duct work. A company advertising such low costs may be skipping sections of duct work or not producing thorough craftsmanship. Continue reading

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