Monthly Archives: February 2017

Planting Trees and Saving Lives

The world is finally beginning to listen to Mother Nature. Over the past couple years, people have started to realize that we need to take care of the planet in order to take care of ourselves. Along with the expanded stress of eating healthier and exercising regularly in advertisements, green building and design has also come into play. With new standards such as LEED and the Well Institute, everyone is coming together to help preserve our land instead of ignoring important environmental factors. A new study has found that simply planting trees can help improve our health. Continue reading

Lower Heating Costs This Winter with These Tips

What can we say? We like to be warm! Sometimes slippers and Snuggies just won’t do the trick. If your household or boss is anything like mine, the heater is left untouched during winter due to fear of high energy costs. Fear not, as below you will find 5 tips for lowering your heating costs this winter. Continue reading