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The Importance of Fire Damper Inspections

Fire dampers are a piece of fire protection equipment that is installed throughout the air duct system in buildings. They can be found in all commercial and large buildings in fire zones. These passive products are key to preventing the spread of a fire should one occur. They are composed of steel shutters that quickly close when the presence of fire and/or smoke is detected. The closing mechanism must be inspected to ensure proper operation in the case of an emergency. Continue reading

Healthcare Services Manager Interview

We wanted to highlight one of our newest team members, Alan Inbody, by conducting an interview.

What are your primary job responsibilities in your new position with Airtek Indoor Air Solutions?
My primary responsibilities are to reach out to hospitals to introduce them to the services that Air Tek and Alliance provides. In doing this, I meet with hospitals along with the Facilities/Engineering staff as well as the operations Management. With some of our services, we also work with the Safety and Security Departments of the hospital and I meet with them as well to offer our services that we provide. When we get an opportunity to help the hospital, Medical Office Building, or any other buildings they manage or own, I get involved in many ways; from helping to walk the job to figure out what needs to be done, to bidding out the job, helping to staff the work we have to complete, as well as following up with the clients to make sure the job went well. If there are any issues that arise while we are doing work or after the work is completed, I also assist with the customer service and customer follow up for the work that has been performed. I am also very involved with one of the Organizations that support this industry called CSHE, which is the California Society for Healthcare Engineering, Inc. There are (4) Chapters in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego) that I go to monthly meetings and I am also on many committees for each of these chapters. On top of that, I have been the LA CSHE Secretary/Treasurer for the past four years. Some of my other duties include going to events and conferences for this Sector. There are also other Sectors or Market Vertical’s that I go introduce our services to which are Commercial, Retail, Property Management, Schools and Universities, Builders and General Contractors, etc. Continue reading