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HVAC Industry Events


The year is almost to an end, and we will begin the New Year in about a month. Today’s blog post, we wanted to share several industry events that will take place next year. These are great events for companies to attend because you get to experience and see the latest technology and equipment in the HVAC industry, take pre-conference training courses, and overall increase network opportunities. The first event that you may attend is the 2014 AHR Expo in New York on January 21-23. This event is considered as the “world’s largest hvacr marketplace.” There are one thousand nine hundred exhibitors, fifty five thousand attendees, and one hundred twenty seminars. Another event that is in the beginning of the year is The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association 25th Annual Meeting. The event is going to take place in San Antonio, Texas on March 3-6. Some of the highlights for this event is pre-conference training courses. For instance there is an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist to the ACR Standard Training Course. These are just two examples of events that one can attend and gain valuable information and network as well. Will you be attending any of these events? Let us know if you are.

Below is a video about what you may experience at an exposition.

Ozone is an indoor air contaminant



(Image source:

When we think about ozone, we think about the ozone layer of the earth that protects us from the harmful sun rays. However, that can be considered good ozone and also called stratospheric ozone. “Bad” Ozone is an indoor contaminant that can be found in many big cities. When one is exposed to high levels of ozone it will not only affect the environment but our health. Several studies have shown that being exposed to ozone, can cause respiratory problems, trigger asthma to become worse in individuals and cause lungs to become swollen or inflamed.The bad ozone that is emitted to our environment can come from cars, power plants, gas stations and other sources. When nitrogen oxides as mentioned and volatile organic compounds(VOC’s) combine and are in contact with heat or sunlight these two components become ozone. Below is a recent uploaded video by the Indoor Air Quality Association that gives more details about ozone.

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2013 We Care East LA Toy Drive Has Begun!

We Care East LA Toys 2011

At AirTek, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we work. One of our favorite organizations is We Care East L.A., which has been holding a community holiday event annually since 2001.

We Care East L.A. provides toys for children who might not otherwise receive any holiday gifts, as well as boxes of food to help families prepare nourishing meals during the holiday season.

In 2010, We Care East L.A. served over 2500 community members and in 2012 the need grew tremendously. We expect that to be the case again this year, as the economy improves, but ever so slowly.

The We Care East L.A. holiday community event for 2013 will be held on Saturday, December 14th from 10am-3pm at 122 South Evergreen Avenue in Los Angeles. There will be free food, free toys for children and free groceries for families in need, but they can only serve everyone if we work together.

AirTek and Alliance Environmental Group will be sponsoring the We Care East L.A. again this year in support of their goal to serve every family in need. We will be collecting toys in our offices until Friday, December 13th. If you can buy an extra toy or two during your holiday shopping trips in the next few weeks, we know you would make a child smile and a parent grateful. If you would like to join us in sponsoring the event, call Pastor Joe Guzman at (626) 712-3912.

We also invite you to take a moment to be thankful this week. There are so many in our community who are hungry and need support. A dear friend once said, “Enough is the new plenty.” Join us in making sure as many families as possible have enough this holiday season.

Thank you.

And let us know what you are thankful for on our Facebook Page!

Winter Spare the Air Alert in the Bay Area


Throughout this year air quality has been a big topic because more and more individuals are educating themselves on the health effects that both the air quality outside and indoors can affect their environment. There are also several resources and companies that help individuals gain more information on maintaining the indoor air and outdoor air healthy. Our company helps those in the Bay area with indoor air solutions. In conjunction with the indoor air solutions we provide in the Bay Area community, there are also resources that provides you with helpful information. One of those resources that can help many individuals is “Spare the Air.” As winter is approaching, particulates matter or soot form in the atmosphere. When it becomes cold, these particulates can be bad for your health and a Winter Spare the Air Alert becomes necessary.

The Air District in the Bay are issues this type of alert when particulate matter becomes unhealthy and when this alert takes place, it is illegal for Bay Area residents to burn wood, solid fuels in wood stoves, fireplaces and other wood burning devices. As of today, Winter Spare the Air Alert is in effect. According to “Spare the Air” recent tweet,”Wood burning produces about one-third of the particulate pollution on a typical winter night.” The particulates that emits in the air when wood is burned can travel inside the lungs and make it difficult for individuals who have respiratory issues to breathe easily. This alert is not only an alert to help the outdoor environment but help a community. These are small steps to protect the health of others and the overall environment. If you are in need of indoor air solutions for your home or for your company, AirTek offers several indoor air solutions for several industries.To follow other indoor and outdoor air news, be part of our Facebook Community Page and join the conversation via Twitter.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

Keeping employees productive and happy in a restaurant is a process that needs to happen in order for restaurant to be successful. The kitchen is the core of that success. When a cook and the staff are un happy because the smoke and the heat in the kitchen is not exiting, then there is a problem. The heat and the smoke is not exiting through the kitchen exhaust system and the filters and the exhaust fan’s motor has probably been neglected. When the filters have not been cleaned, the grease that has been collected in a grease cup will make its way into the kitchen exhaust fan and the duct work as well. It may even reach onto the roof as well that can cause even more damage because it will not be only an interior problem but affect the exterior of the building. The more the grease builds up, the hotter the exhaust system can become and result into a flash fire. Below is an example of how a company cleans a kitchen exhaust system and provides before and after pictures. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the system has to be cleaned to the bare metal for the kitchen to be in compliance with Industry Standards.

Missing maintenance can be a major liability that can result in a disaster, putting your business’s reputation and countless lives at risk. If you have not had your kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned, it’s not only a fire hazard, but you may be in violation of the law. AirTek’s Hospitality service includes kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and other hospitality services that can maintain a reputable image for your business. Contact us to learn how we can be of assistance. You may also contact us through our social media outlets that include our Facebook Community Page and Twitter.

Another Surprise Food Truck Lunch!

We had a great time on Tuesday surprising some friends with a Ninjas With Appetite food truck lunch! Here is a little slideshow:

Krystle’s report on the day:

“Today was a success! Ninjas with Appetite provided amazing food and customer service. Padgett’s Cleaning & Restoration as well as Servicemaster Clean were delighted and satisfied with the delicious Asian Fusion dishes. It was a great team effort by Alliance who came together and showed some love and thanks to our fellow customers.”

You never know when we might bring lunch to your office! Keep your eyes open!

Air Quality Interactive Tool

We really enjoy sharing tools that help several people understand the air quality in their environments. We’ve mentioned about AIRNOW, and we wanted to share an interactive tool where you can compare different county’s. This interactive tool, also gives you reports on different health concerns and the impact that the air quality can have to different types of health concerns. For instance, if you choose Los Angeles County and someone has asthma the number of unhealthy days in 2012 were around one hundred five days.Other ways that you may use this tool is to know how the quality is going to be when you are traveling.

For example, you may be traveling during the holidays and could benefit from this tool. For instance, you may travel from Los Angeles to San Diego and the number of unhealthy days that Los Angeles has had is eighty two compared to San Diego who has only have eleven unhealthy days during 2012. It’s a neat interactive tool, especially right now that many travel during the holidays. If you want to know a little more about the air quality overall in your environment you may visit AirNow.Below is an example of different air quality ratings and the steps to protect your health and the environment. It is important to be concerned about the air quality indoors and also be cautious of our indoor air. If you need any indoor air solutions, AirTek has several indoor air solutions for several industries.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 1.31.53 PM

What About Thirdhand Smoke?

Cigarette butts

Image by benedeki via stock.xhcng

The dangers of smoking are well-known:

Smoking causes the following cancers:1,2 (in alphabetical order)
Acute myeloid leukemia
Bladder cancer
Cancer of the cervix
Cancer of the esophagus
Kidney cancer
Cancer of the larynx (voice box)
Lung cancer
Cancer of the oral cavity (mouth)
Pancreatic cancer
Cancer of the pharynx (throat)
Stomach cancer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Secondhand smoke isn’t much better:

Environmental tobacco smoke contains over 4000 different compounds and 40 known carcinogens. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that ETS causes between 150,000 and 300,000 respiratory tract infections every year in children under the age of 18 months and older children can have lower lung function. AirTek Blog, Secondhand Smoke and Kids, 12/20/2011.

Thirdhand smoke the smoke left behind when a cigarette has been extinguished and that residue left on surfaces and objects after the smoke itself has cleared.

Thirdhand smoke is less visible, of course, than secondhand smoke, but it can be even more dangerous to children because they are more likely to crawl on surfaces where carcinogens have been deposited and take those carcinogens into their bodies via touching toys or food with unwashed hands. Thirdhand smoke is especially problematic in enclosed spaces like cars.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “…thirdhand smoke clings to hair, skin, clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, bedding, carpets, dust, vehicles and other surfaces, even long after smoking has stopped. Infants, children and nonsmoking adults may be at risk of tobacco-related health problems when they inhale, ingest or touch substances containing thirdhand smoke.”

So if you wanted to know why it’s not really okay to smoke in the car with the windows down, why you should ask for a non-smoking rental car or hotel room and why you should not choose a restaurant with a smoking and a non-smoking section, you should think about thirdhand smoke.

Even if there is no visible smoke in the air, tobacco smoke is still damaging to your indoor air quality. And your health!

Which air handling system is best for you

There are several types of air handling units that can be found in homes and in commercial property buildings. There are two types of air handling units that can be divided into two groups: Unit ventilators and individual heat pump units and central air handling units. Unit ventilators serve single rooms without ducts and individual heat pumps do not recirculate the air between rooms.Central air handling units on the other hand,serve several rooms via duct work. The main purpose of an HVAC systems is to provide conditioned air to individuals inside any building structure so that they may feel comfortable in an inside environment. According to the EPA, it is more difficult to assure proper maintenance of multiple units over time, because they present additional opportunities for moisture problems through the wall penetration and from drain pan and discharge problems.Moisture problems can lead to mold problems. It is advised to used HVAC systems over unit ventilators because of trying to maintain all single units. For example, HVAC units when properly used and maintained in commercial property buildings will use fifteen to twenty percent less energy.

Even though HVAC systems are out of sight and people will not notice a problem until something goes wrong in the system it is advised to regularly maintain the systems.. Contacting a specialist and duct cleaning service company can provide you a maintenance plan will keep your HVAC system operating well. It is also important to keep the HVAC system regularly maintain to ensure trouble free operation problems and ensure the systems work while peak seasons. Checking the HVAC systems before the cold and hot season can help you avoid a system failure during hot and cold weather. If you have any questions with your HVAC systems our professional technicians can answer your concerns and if you need any indoor solutions, AirTek can be of assistance. You may also contact us via our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

*Below is an infographic that provides information on HVAC systems by Line/Space/Shape.You can click HERE to view the infogarphic and see more infographics provided by Line/Space/Shape.


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